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Freedom for me, but not for thee

13 October 2022

Professor Matthew Ogilvie 

This week, the Federal Labor government announced that it would expend significant resources to repatriating members of the Islamic State. While these IS members are presumed to be noncombatants by virtue of their sex and ages, they have been part of an evil organization that raped, tortured and murdered its way through the Middle East. Its victims included Yazidis, Christians and homosexual people. The situation is so serious that Opposition Leader, Peter Dutton expressed grave concerns after an ASIO briefing,1 and local MP Dai Le spoke of the hurt the repatriation would cause members of her community who were refugees from the Islamic State. 2 

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Christopher Dawson and the Intellectual Roots of Campion College Australia  

by Karl Schmude 
This article appeared as a Guest Editorial on 6 October 2022, in the Christopher Dawson Centre Newsletter. To subscribe, please fill out this form. We don’t send too many newsletters, rather fewer with content rich, thought pieces intended to spark conversation and community.

As one of the world’s foremost historians of culture, Christopher Dawson saw the centrality of education to the process of cultural transmission – the ways in which a society passes on its inheritance of learning and memory as an expression of its cultural identity. 

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31 August, 2022

Professor Matthew Ogilvie 

Recently, a friend involved in politics spoke about an unpleasant situation. I shared my advice, which I thought would be midway between Machiavelli and Mother Teresa.  My friend’s face lit up in amazement. He said that he ‘was given the exact same advice in the same words by [a former government minister who is Catholic]!’ Then he asked, ‘What is it with you Catholics and politics?’