The Ninth Dawson Centre Colloquium,

Saturday 6 July 2024

Authentic Humanism and the Crisis of Culture

The Italian Club,

77 Federal Street, North Hobart

8.45            Session 1

                  David Daintree

9.00            Session 2

                  Karl Schmude

                  A Transcendent Humanism: Recovering the Vision of

                  Christopher Dawson 

9.45            Session 3

                  Bella d’Abrera

                  Undoing Australia: how the Australian Nation is being

                  Dismantled, One Statue at a Time

10.30           Tea Break

11.00           Session 4

                  Lucas McLennan

                  Western Perspectives in the Australian Curriculum

11.45           Session 5

                  Anna Krohn

                  Christian Paideia: For the Hearth and Road

12.30           Session 6

                  Richard Brown

                  Teaching Authentic Humanism in schools – is it possible? 

                  An educator’s view

1.15            Lunch

2.00            Session 7

                  Anna Walsh

                  Without Hindrance or Fear of Reprisal: the attitudes and

                  experiences of NSW and Victorian doctors with a

                  conscientious objection to abortion

2.45            Session 8

                  Matthew Solomon

                  The Salvation of the West: A return to the Enlightenment 

                  or the Embracing of Tradition?

3.30            Tea Break

4.00            Session 9

                  Natalie Kennedy

                  Cultivating a Posture of Awe and Wonder

4.45            Session 10

                  Archbishop Porteous 

                  T.S. Eliot and the Future of Western Culture

6.00             Pre-dinner drinks

6.30            Dinner with guest speaker Prof Steven Schwartz