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Mr Julian Leeser (Berowra), 2 August, 2022: This is not the first time I’ve risen in this place to speak on this matter. Every few years, the old arguments are dusted off and freshened up and someone wants to raise the flag on this issue or thinks the numbers might finally be in their favour to turn the tables. In the last parliament I said that I rose with a heavy heart; today the weight is doubled. I’m sad that we are fighting what I sense will be a losing battle. I think that, in time, we will look upon this as a huge mistake, but even if the Restoring Territory Rights Bill 2022 is passed I will not regret standing here today and being counted. There are times in your life when doing so is important, and today for me is absolutely one of those days. 


Letter to the Editor

Re: Article: ‘Exposing the ‘modern green religion’
Catherine Sullivan

Note that all references and links in this article were viewed on 23rd May, 2022 or 18th June, 2022.

I am writing to express my shock and unease at an article published on the website of the Catholic Archdiocese of Tasmanian describing a presentation from Professor Ian Plimer to the Christopher Dawson Centre.  I did not attend the presentation but trust that the article was an accurate summary of the presentation.

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