SUMMER SCHOOLS 2022 – Western Civilisation – an Overview


17-21 JANUARY, 2022

The Dawson Centre was founded to advance the notion that the Christian Faith and the Christian intellectual tradition that grew up with it are essential components of our civilisation: not optional add-ons, but core elements in the very fabric of the culture without which it cannot survive.  Christopher Dawson maintained that a true human culture cannot exist at all without a religious component, and the Christian religion is inherent in and inseparable from our Western culture. 

What are some of the great and distinctive achievements of the West? 

We are offering this course for the first time as a sort of a ‘taster’, a broad and sweeping view of the terrain and some of its principal landmarks.  It cannot claim to be any more than a sketch of the panorama, but we hope it will meet a need and inspire participants to delve further into our fascinating and rich heritage.   

The instructors are Mr Xavier Young, Dr David Moltow and Dr David Daintree.

Where: Frances Parsons Building, Jane Franklin Hall, 6 Elboden Street, South Hobart

When: Monday 17 January to Friday 21 January 2022

Time: 9.00 am to 3.00 pm each day for five days

Cost: $350 (pension concession available).  This includes lunches in the college dining hall.  Other meals and accommodation are not included. 

Registrations are essential: email

Residential accommodation may be available at the College, but application must be made directly to the office at


There will be four lectures a day on each of the five days, from Monday 17 to Friday 21, starting at 9.00 am. There will be only one lecture after lunch each day, to free up the afternoons for private study.

Day 1          Introduction: Greece, Rome and the emergence of Modern Europe

Day 2          Philosophy: ‘European philosophical tradition…a series of footnotes to Plato’ (A N Whitehead)

Day 3          Four Literary Giants: Homer, Virgil, Dante and Shakespeare

Day 4          Theology: the study of ‘Our Deepest Source and Highest Ideal’ (St Augustine)

Day 5          The Arts of Man: Sculpture, Painting, Architecture, Music

All proceeds from this course go to the Christopher Dawson Centre (

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