Sixth Annual Christopher Dawson Centre Colloquium 2021 REGISTER ONLINE HERE


Passing on the Faith: the Challenge for Parents and Schools


Our annual conference originally scheduled for 2020 will now take place on 25–26 June 2021.  The theme will be secondary education, with a particular focus on the development of the spiritual and religious dimension of human nature.  Most of those who originally offered papers have confirmed that they are still available after our year-long hibernation with Covid! .

The following speakers have so far confirmed their availability for the colloquium:

Mr Kenneth Crowther

Dr Kevin Donnelly AM

Mr Fadi Elbarbar

Dr Gerard Gaskin

Dr David Hastie

Ms Cheryl Lacey

Mr Eamonn Pollard

Archbishop Julian Porteous

Rev Dr Peter Robinson

Mr Karl Schmude KSG

Dr Wanda Skowronska

Mr and Mrs Ben Smith

Mr Robert van Gend

The Dawson Colloquium is a conversation, not a multi-stream conference.  There are no keynote speeches, as all are considered important to the flow of ideas; speakers are encouraged to attend all papers.

  • Can Faith-based schools survive anti-discrimination laws?
  • Is mere ‘spirituality’ enough? Can Faith survive apart from the Church?
  • Why do young people lose their Faith? How can that be reversed?
  • What has been the impact of gender ideology on young people?
  • The Benedict Option: is home-schooling a sound solution?
  • How is it that people can be naively superstitious (horoscopes, charms, crystals etc) yet sceptical about creedal beliefs?
  • How effective are chaplaincies in state schools?