Peirce Baehr

The Bible and Culture


Thursday 13 July

6.00 pm

Peirce and Christina Baehr, with their six daughters, run Pilgrim Hill, an evangelistic ministry in the Huon Valley seeking to make disciples for Jesus through hospitality and art. Their primary mission field is young travellers from the First World: both the post-Christian West and the pre-Christian East.  The impact of the Bible on culture is one of Peirce’s favourite topics. He had the immense privilege of seeing the process first hand by serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators for two years, doing linguistic analysis for the Bariai translation in Papua New Guinea.



Revd Sam Green and Sheikh Wesam Charkawi

Seminar on Islam: Christianity, Islam, and a peaceful society?


Wednesday 26 July

6.00 pm

How do Christianity and Islam contribute positively and negatively towards the creation of a peaceful multicultural society?


Intensive Workshop in Patristic and Ecclesiastical Latin

David Daintree

Hobart, St Mary’s Cathedral Centre, Harrington Street

31 July and 1 August

10.00 am to 3.00 pm daily

At the suggestion of Fr Shammi Perera, this short course will cover a selection of texts, graded in difficulty, from Scripture and Patristic writings. Some prior knowledge of Latin is necessary, but nobody need fear being put on the spot: all texts will be translated and explained by the lecturer. Cost $30 to cover (1) photocopying and (2) donation to the Centre.


Michael Cook, Editor, Mercatornet

On Fake News

Has there ever been a meme which has spread so quickly or been more influential than “fake news”? From Facebook posts by mischievous students trying to imitate the hilarious American satirical site The Onion, ‘fake news’ has become a weapon wielded by shadowy forces from the Dark Side trying to undermine democracy. Are these concerns valid or do they arise from an irrational moral panic? And if so, what are we afraid of? Michael Cook will try to unravel some of the tangled threads in the ‘fake news’ controversy.


Wednesday 23 August

6.00 pm



Seminar Series



 In this series of introductory seminars Brendan Triffett will present some of the more important ideas of six monumental figures in the history of philosophy. He will also attempt to explain the influence of these ideas on Western thought and the significance of these ideas for contemporary culture, both sacred and secular.

 Seminar 1 – 30 August

Plato (d. 348 BC) and Aristotle (d. 322 BC)

 Seminar 2 – 6 September

Augustine of Hippo (354-430 AD) and Neoplatonism

 Seminar 3 – 13 September

Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) and Scholasticism

 Seminar 4 – 20 September

René Descartes (1596-1650) and Immanuel Kant (1724-1804)

 Dr Brendan Triffett currently lectures in theology and ethics for Alphacrucis College, Hobart. He holds a doctorate in philosophy (UTas) and has taught courses in critical thinking. He specialises in the intersection of theology and metaphysics, and has published on this topic. Brendan is (slowly) working on a book on the metaphysics of the Trinity. He is married and is a proud father of three daughters.

 To enrol write to director@dawsoncentre.org. Cost is $30 for all four sessions, to cover photocopying plus a donation to the Centre. It is preferred that participants commit to attend all sessions.