Dawson Centre Colloquium, 29 June, 2019

‘Rebuilding the Walls of Sion’

On Saturday 29 June 2019 the Christopher Dawson Centre for Cultural Studies will host its fifth annual colloquium in Hobart, Tasmania.   The Dawson Colloquium is a conversation, not a multi-stream conference.  There are no keynote speeches, as all are considered important to the flow of ideas; speakers are encouraged to attend all papers.  The colloquium will conclude with a panel discussion.


The Christian Church is in catastrophic decline in Western countries.  How can Christians regain credibility and demonstrate the supreme relevance of the Faith to a thoroughly materialistic generation?

We invite submissions from persons interested in addressing any of the following topics:

  • Christian culture as the basis of a flourishing society.

  • Are there some things that need to be knocked down before we can rebuild?

  • Should we strategically withdraw in some areas so that we can focus on others?

  • How can the Church use ‘Soft Power’ to win back young people?

  • Courage in the Public Square – where are all the heroes?

Total allocation for each paper will be 45 minutes, which should include time for questions and discussion (the proportion at each presenter’s discretion).  Proceedings will be recorded and posted on the internet, and published late in 2019 or early 2020.

Proposals should be sent to Dr David Daintree, Director, Christopher Dawson Centre for Cultural Studies


or phone +61 (0)408 87 9494.